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Introducing our law firm

Innovative Representation, Candid Advice, Practical Solutions

Segatti Noor, PLC.

Specializing in Real Estate and Business Law

Introducing Our

Law Firm

With over 50 years of combined experience, Segatti Noor has earned the reputation of being knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable.  We pride ourselves in helping our clients avoid those common legal mistakes before they become a legal crisis. Whatever your legal needs or questions might be, contact Segatti Noor for comprehensive legal advice and effective representation.


"As a real estate developer who no longer practices law, I rely on Gary Segatti for my real estate legal needs. Gary Segatti has all the qualities you are looking for in an attorney, he is knowledgeable, reasonable and straightforward. I have never been disappointed by Mr. Segatti's legal representation." 

Larry John

Woodbridge Company

Our Business Sectors


Real Estate Law and Litigation

Whether it's an action to quite title or enforcing contractual rights, we have you covered in all phases of real estate litigation.


Landlord and Tenant Litigation

Representing over one hundred real estate investors from all over the world, we specialize in all phases of Landlord and Tenant litigation.


Business Law and Litigation

From business formation and simple contracts to business disputes and litigation our firm can help you protect your organization and avoid expensive pitfalls.

There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

News & Updates of

Segatti Noor

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