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02. Landlord and Tenant Litigation


With over 50 years in Real Estate Law experience, Segatti Noor represents landlords and property managers in all phases of landlord and tenant litigation. Our clients include investors and property managers from across the country and internationally.  We file hundreds of landlord-tenant cases every month, and our attorneys are adept at addressing a wide spectrum of issues including complex landlord-tenant disputes, mold litigation, Fair Housing claims, Consumer Protection claims, and landlord’s rights in bankruptcy.

Segatti Noor represents and counsels our clients on every aspect of property management, including drafting leases, purchase agreements, vendor agreements, and telecommunication contracts.  Our firm is the only counsel landlords, and management companies will need to address every aspect of property management.

Blight Litigation

Our Real Estate Law Practice Group includes the creator of the Department of Administrative Hearings – Medina Noor.  In her role as Special Projects Counsel, Noor garnered national acclaim for creating the first municipal quasi-judicial adjudicatory agency in the state of Michigan.  Her work has inspired a novel, and she has been featured in many local and national publications.  Because of her expertise, she was appointed to the position of Chief Hearings Officer where she presided over administrative adjudication of violations of zoning, property maintenance, solid waste and illegal dumping, and business license ordinances.  Noor is the foremost expert on Michigan municipal adjudication and is sought out by municipalities from across the country.  She has frequently been consulted and requested to testify before the Michigan Legislature for comment regarding Michigan adjudicatory policy.

There is no firm in Michigan with more experience in the area of blight adjudication.

 Over 50 Years of Accumulated Practice

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